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Polytech Network


Today, the Polytech network incorporates 15 university engineering schools and 1 associated school - ENSIM at the University of Le Mans - which are part of the ‘Service Public de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche’ (Public Service of Higher Education and Research). Their degrees are accredited by the ‘Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur’.

With 12 areas of training, more than 80,000 active engineers and 3,600 annual graduates, the Polytech network is highly regarded by the business world and this enables the rapid integration of graduates.

Through its support for high-level research, with over 1,300 teacher researchers working alongside the student-engineers on a daily basis, and the involvement of specialists working in all professional sectors,  the Polytech network guarantees high-quality training and prepares young graduates to meet the challenges of the future.

Student-engineers have the opportunity to specialise during their studies or to complete their training at another Polytech school.

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Polytech engineers have sound scientific and technological knowledge. They all complete scientific training at a high level before specialising in an area of engineering. Ready to quickly enter the workplace upon leaving education, Polytech engineers are able to adapt in the constantly evolving world of multi-technology.

A business and people-centred approach

With their dual skills, Polytech engineers know how to place the tasks given to them in their business and human context. Trained in project management, human resources management and corporate strategy, they are the managers of tomorrow.

A culture of innovation

En contact avec des laboratoires, des pôles de compétitivité et des réseaux internationaux de chercheurs, les ingénieurs Polytech acquièrent une vraie culture de l’innovation.

Business is at the heart of training

Schools in the Polytech network develop and strengthen links with business, they set up partnership agreements with companies and industrial groups and rely on the business networks of competitiveness clusters.

An engineering education which is open to the world

Each student is offered every chance to develop his or her professional project on an international scale. To this end, the schools in the Polytech network have joined forces to extend their influence abroad, establish partnerships and offer their students greater opportunities for travel and cultural mixing.

A rich and vibrant student life

The life of the network is marked by major events organised in the various schools. The Student Union association brings together all Student Unions on several levels. It supervises and develops students' community activities, supports Student Unions in their efforts and protects the interests of all students within the network.