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President of the Governing Board : Nicolas Degendre
President of the Development Board : Pascal Feillard


Director : Emmanuel Seignez
Deputy Director, in charge of training : Anne-Laure Helbert
Deputy Director, in charge of External Relations : Serge Carrez
Managing Director of the General Services Department, Administrative and Financial Manager : Lydie Eyrignoux
Executive assistant : Corine Guillou


Peip preparatory programme (Polytech Engineering Graduate Schools - Bac +1 to Bac+2) : Didier Chamma

Student engineer cycle programme : Serge Carrez

Engineer apprenticeship cycle programme : Jean-Marc Duffault

Further Training

Leader : Cédric Koeniguer
Further Training Administrative Assistant : Chrystelle Bourque

VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience)

Leader : Frédéric Pain
VAE Administrative Contact : Chrystelle Bourque

Education Unit

Unit Manager : Marion Ristori
Course Secretary : Lydie Soudet, Eve Renault and Henri Lochelongue

Student Affairs/lodging : Dominique Beau
Extension Project Manager: Patrice de Carné


Head of the Electronics and Robotic Systems Department  : Samir Bouaziz and Claude Delpha
Head of the Computer Science Department : Aurélien Max and Frédéric Voisin
Head of the Materials Department : Mechanics and Energy : Michel Andrieux and Vincent JI
Head of the Photonics and Optronic Systems Department  : Guillaume Dupuis et Fabian Zomer


Electronics and Robotic Systems  : Mickaël Quentin
Teaching Staff :  Cédric Koeniguer et Cédric Bernez
Computer Science : Huyen Nguyen
Materials - Mechanics and Energy : Jean-Michel Rousseau
Teaching Staff : Matthieu Lancry et Gaël Sattonay
Photonics and Optronic Systems : Cécile Depaillat
Teaching Staff : Guillaume Dupuis


General Services Department

DDGS : Lydie Eyrignoux
Assistant : Aline Dabou

Local HR Department

Manager : Lydie Eyrignoux
Assistants : Aline Dabou

Finance Department

Manager : Laurence Sidibé
Administrator : Noëlle Kadi
Administrator / Projects: Dominique Callas

IT Department

Manager : Michel Noum
Networks/System : Gaël De Rop
Developer : Nicolas Marius
Technical Assistant : Mohamedou Wane
IS Project Manager : Anne-Laure Helbert

Technical and Logistics Department

Manager : Hugues Loizeleur
Reception, Reprographics : Delphine Damars
Reception, Logistics : Philippe Chonion

Health and Safety Department

Safety Manager / Assistant : Hugues Loizeleur
Listenning and Support Unit : Guillaume Dupuis, Emmanuelle Frenoux

Department for Continuous Improvement 

Manager : Corine Guillou
Continious Improvement Project Manager : Michel Andrieux
DDRS Project Manager : Pierre Tardiveau

Department for Communcation

Manager of Communication : Marie Etave
Assistant Manager of Communication : Romain Soubeyre

Corporate Relations Department

Manager : Chrystelle Bourque

International Relations Department

Manager : Saïd Zouhdi
Assistant in Charge of International Relations  : Alexandra Stabe

Studies Department

Manager : Christophe Poulard

Admissions Department

Manager : Corine Guillou
Assistants : Philippe Chonion, Delphine Damars, Marion Ristori

Student Life Department :

Manager : Alexandra Stabe
Disability teacher contact person  : Corinne Legros

Teaching Evaluation

Manager : Michel Andrieux